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Alex Carolino interview

Posted in Skateboarding, Team by Bigfred on 21/05/2009
Alex Carolino au Brésil et en switch backside kickflip!

Alex Carolino au Brésil et en switch backside kickflip!

1/When did you start skateboarding ?
Around 89, skateboard was all over …
2/How was the scene in your city ?
Dope ! At the time a lot of people was skating right in front of my house, for me was easy to get into, we use to do street in the week ends skate all over the city just be board with the backpack full of drinks and food … Was cool ! I miss that , today when I’m in barcelona make me remenber that time, cause you can push through the spots.
3/Who did you use to skate with ?
The guys that I acostumado skate with like , Milo , Andre … And many others …
4/When you were young, could you imagine that you will be professionnal one day ?
After being long time all ready skating …
5/Is your life easier now you’ re pro ?
Life is life , life is never easy, just depend the way you absorb and re-act to situation that life bring to you … Today life is very good to me cause I evoluating in my way, I just turn daddy, my daughter got seven months, her name is Isabely. She is the light in my life. Life is not easy but is f***** good !
6/How do you manage a pro career and your father job ?
I got a lot of time to be with my family and do the tours, this is not a issue for me but my wife thinks different …
7/How can you explain that a lot of pro skateboarders are actually from Brasil ?
The same way that we have french pros, english, americans, canadians, we have brazilians … Everybody that can get in touch with the skateboard can be a pro one day , it’s one world ! It’s all about the love and diciplin you put into !
8/Give me 3 words for Brasil :
Family , nature and love.
9/How do you feel to be sponsored by a shop located in France ?
Feel good ’cause the owner is a good friend hold it down ! It’s pretty good, Zeropolis got the dopest s**T in the club !
Thanks Alex !
photo © Pablo Vaz


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